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Primers are very in important when it comes to modern day ammunition. It is a small metal component that ignites the gunpowder in the cartridge, causing the bullet to be push out of the barrel of the firearm. Without primers, modern ammo can not be fire Prismatic powders. Primers in stock,

The first primers were invent in the 19th century, and they were initially make from mercury fulminate. Fulminate is highly unstable, very sensitive. All this points, making primers during this time to be very hard to handle.

As a result, the search for better alternative began. The 20th century, gave birth to non corrosive primers. The formula for these primers include inputs like EAD styphnate, barium nitrate, and antimony sulfide to ignite the ammo. They were much safer than the mercury fulminate primers made in the 19th century and quickly gained it place in the market. Prismatic powders


Primers come in different types and sizes, and their attributes can have a significant impact on the performance and accuracy of a firearm.
Some of the key attributes of primers are:

  • Size: Primers come in different sizes that correspond to different cartridge types. The most common primer sizes are small, large, and magnum. Small primers are typically used in pistol cartridges, while large primers are used in rifle cartridges. Magnum primers are used for cartridges that contain large amounts of gunpowder and require a hotter flame to ignite.
  • Composition: The composition of the primer compound can also vary, with some formulations being more sensitive than others. Lead styphnate is the most common mixture used in primer composition, but other compounds such as tetrazene and diazodinitrophenol (DDNP) are also used.
  • Pressure: The pressure generated by the primer can have a significant impact on the velocity and accuracy of the bullet. A primer that produces too much pressure can cause the gun to recoil excessively and affect accuracy, while a primer that produces too little pressure can result in a misfire.
  • Consistency: Consistency in primer performance is important for accuracy and reliability. Variations in primer sensitivity, pressure, or composition can cause significant differences in bullet velocity and trajectory, which can affect accuracy.
  • Sensitivity: Primers can either be regular or magnum based on their sensitivity. Magnum primers contains a larger amount of primers elements and are built to produce a hotter and more consistent flame to ignite large amounts of gunpowder.


Today, there are two main types of primers: rimfire and centerfire.

Rimfire primers

Rimfire primers are use in bullets where the primer is located in the rim of the cartridge casing. The primer consists of a small amount of lead styphnate or other flammable elements that is sandwich between the rim and the brass case.

When the firing pin of the gun strikes the rim, it crushes the primer, causing it to light up the gunpowder and fire the bullet. Rimfire primers very are use mostly in small caliber gun, such as .22 LR rifles and handguns. Mainly because the primer is located in the rim of the cartridge, it cannot be reload. And the entire cartridge must be discard after it has been fire.

Centerfire Primers

Centerfire primers are use in ammo where the primer is locate in the center of the base of the bullet casing. The primer made up of a small metal cup that contains the flammable elements, which is usually lead styphnate. The primer is insert into the base of the cartridge case and held in place by gripping the edges of the case around it. Primers in stock

When the firing pin of the gun strikes the primer, it crushes the cup. Causing the flaming element to ignite the gunpowder and fire the bullet. Centerfire cartridges are use in a wide variety of weapons, from handguns and rifles to shotguns. Prismatic powders







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